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Boil the carrots and the beets separately. We cut the vegetables into cubes and the eggs will be grated. Drain the fish and mix it with chopped onion so as to obtain a paste. Pour water into a small pot and add gelatin. Mix it until it dissolves then heat the water to the first boil. Set aside and wait for it to cool. Put cooled gelatin over mayonnaise and mix until smooth. Each type of vegetable will be mixed separately with mayonnaise, seasoned with salt and pepper, and layered in a bowl. We keep a little mayonnaise to cover the salad. I chose the potatoes for the base, then I put a row of carrots, followed by the fish rubbed with onions, beets and finally the egg whites and yolks. It is a beautiful and tasty salad.

Good appetite!

Dietary "Mimosa" salad & # 8211 a very tasty layered appetizer, without mayonnaise! Guests will be delighted!

Layered salad "Mimosa" is one of the most popular appetizers found at the holiday table. We present you a different recipe from the classic one, with the help of which you will get an equally delicious appetizer, but with a low calorie level. Replace the potatoes and mayonnaise with fresh and juicy apples, and the result will exceed expectations. Get a very fine and delicious salad, only good for all fish lovers.


-1 can of tuna in its own juice


1. Wash and clean the apples. Remove the spine with seeds and grate the apples.

2. Drain the oil and crush it with a fork.

3. Peel and chop the onion. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

4. Boil the eggs in a saucepan with water and salt. Let them cool and clean them. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and grate them (separately).

5. Prepare a transparent bowl. Place the salad in layers as follows: apples, tuna, onions, grated egg whites, grated carrot and grated egg yolks. Cover the salad with cling film and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

Note: If desired, the salad can be placed in individual portions.

Mimosa salad

Mimosa salad. Because Shuba (Russian salad) was very much appreciated by you, I thought I would introduce you to her younger sister, namely Mimosa. This is a salad with tuna, cheese, eggs and boiled vegetables specific to Russian cuisine. Being arranged in layers, it is very attractive, the ingredients blending very well together giving it a delicious taste. Mimosa salad is light, healthy and easy to make. I invite you to try this recipe as well as the one from Șuba to convince yourself how good they are!

Ingredients Mimosa salad:

  • 7 potatoes (600 g)
  • 4 carrots (300 g)
  • 200 g ton
  • 5 eggs
  • 4 cloves green onions
  • a red onion (70 g)
  • 150 g of cheese
  • for mayonnaise & # 8211 1 raw egg, one teaspoon mustard, 200 ml oil, 1 teaspoon lemon juice.

Preparation of Mimosa salad:

Boil the potatoes and carrots. Boil the eggs hard for about 7 minutes and leave to cool then peel. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and put them on the small grater without mixing them.

While the vegetables are boiling, we can take care of the mayonnaise and we do it with the help of the blender. In the bowl of the blender we put the raw egg, 200 ml of oil, a teaspoon of mustard, salt, a little pepper and the lemon juice, then we put the blender and mix until it has the consistency of mayonnaise.Drain the vegetables, wait for them to cool, then put the potatoes, carrots on a small grater, and finely chop the red onion.On a plate or bowl prepared for salad we will put each layer in turn as follows. The first layer is made of potatoes that we season with salt and pepper. Separate the mayonnaise into 2 parts. We will put the first part of mayonnaise over the potatoes and spread it evenly.Drain the oil / juice tone, put it over the potatoes and add the second part of mayonnaise. Over the tuna we will put the red onion, chopped green onion and then season with salt and pepper.Put the egg whites over the onion, add the carrot and season with salt and pepper.We put the cheese on the small grater and put it over the carrots.The yolk layer will be the last one we add.Cover with foil and refrigerate for a few hours.

Complexity Preparation time Nr. servings
low 1 hour 10-12 servings


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"Mimosa" fish salad & # 8211 always present on the Russian holiday table, if you taste it, you will understand why & # 8230

Classic salad "Mimosa" is a very popular appetizer and preferred by many of us. Today, however, we urge you to start with the traditional recipe and prepare the salad with melted cheese. From the most affordable ingredients you get a particularly delicious, fragrant and good-looking appetizer. It is perfect to be served at the holiday table.


-1 can of canned fish

-1 packet of melted cheese


1. Boil the potatoes and eggs. Let them cool and clean them. Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

2. Crush the fish with a fork.

3. Peel and chop the onion. Pour boiling water into the onion bowl and leave for 10 minutes. Drain it.

4. Arrange the salad in layers, as follows: fish, onion, grated boiled potatoes (grate the potatoes directly on the plate, so the salad will be more aerated), grated egg whites, grated melted cheese (put a little in the freezer to be grated) . Grease each layer with mayonnaise. Cover the salad with the grated egg yolks and decorate to taste.

Top-step recipes for Mimosa salad

An important role in the process of playing salad dressing. For Mimosa you need mayonnaise. Buying shoplifter will save time and strength, so if you need to get many customers use the prepared sauce. Want to make mayonnaise with your hands to emphasize the taste of a dish? You will need:

  • Eggs - 1 pc. chicken or 6 pieces. quails.
  • Refined olive oil - 100 ml
  • Sunflower oil - 50 ml
  • Sugar, salt, mustard powder - 1/2 teaspoon.
  • fresh lemon juice - 1 hour L ..

The ingredients must be at room temperature. Consider the recipe steps:

  • Beat egg blender, salt, sugar, mustard powder until smooth.
  • Add the lemon juice and mix again.
  • Then gradually add the vegetable oil, adjusting the consistency of the sauce.
  • When the meal begins to stick to the crown and will receive a creamy, thick form, homemade sauce, mayonnaise is ready!

"Mimosa" unusual or traditional salad variations are many: diet and consistent, economy version with cheap fish, gourmet salmon and red caviar. Most kids don't pass up your favorite crab sticks, corn, which will replace the fish component. For those who follow the figure, will be finding a low-fat "Mimosa", coated with 15% sour cream, with the addition of apples, pickled onions.

A classic recipe with canned fish

This traditional version of "Mimosa" lettuce has a pleasant, distinct taste that will appeal to fish lovers: in this version of the dish it "realizes" a major role. For the preparation you will need:

  • Canned fish - 180-200 g
  • Eggs - 4-5 pieces.
  • Tverdiy cheese- 100 g ..
  • Butter - 75-80 g
  • Onion (salad) - 2 pcs.
  • Mayonnaise - 150-180, The
  • Spices and spices, salt to taste.

The technology of preparation of salad "Mimosa" is as follows:

  • Boil hard-boiled eggs. Let cool in cold water.
  • Clear eggshell, divided into whites and yolks.
  • Butter 10 min. send in the freezer.
  • While using a fine grater, rub during this time:
    • cheese
    • proteins
    • 2 egg yolks.

    How to pink salmon salad with cheese and butter

    a more delicate, creamy taste will give the salad "Mimosa" salmon. This valuable fish is healthy and nutritious, it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Salad recipe is similar to the previous one. Do you want to make an unusual dish, delicate taste? Take 2 small pickles, finely chop blender, add mayonnaise sauce. Spicy, sweet salad perfectly deserves general praise and enthusiastic reviews from home!

    Very tasty and unusual Mimosa with apples and cream

    Good leaves taste lettuce, to the ingredients of which are added juicy sour-sweet apples and sour sauce or to serve sour cream and mayonnaise sauce (cream 2/3 and 1/3 of mayonnaise). This dish is a diet, suitable for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as children. Cooked (steamed), fish - the perfect choice for this recipe.

    To prepare the salad, buying in advance is necessary products:

    • Eggs - 6 pcs.
    • Boiled (or steamed) fish - 250 p.
    • Sweet white / Crimean onion - 2 pcs.
    • Durum cheese - 100 g
    • Sweet and sour apple - 2 pcs.
    • cream - 150 ml or sour cream / mayonnaise - 100/50 ml.
    • Salt and pepper - to taste.

    Step by step recipe for apples and cream salad "Mimosa" with photo:

    • Boil hard-boiled eggs. For the shell can be easily removed, add cold water a few ice cubes.
    • Disassemble the finished fish, removing the bones. Mash with a fork.
    • Peel apples, stems and kernels.
    • Cut into small cubes.
    • Cut the onion. To remove the bitterness, put in the freezer for 5-7 minutes.
    • Prepare a bowl or plate, which will serve Mimosa. Cheese, eggs better to rub directly into the salad, so the dish will prove more airy and gentle.
    • Put a layer of apples, brush / cream sauce.
    • Then comes a layer of fish and onions. Apply a dressing and with the back of a spoon even smear.
    • Clean the eggs. Remove yolks and withdraw from the agricultural circuit.
    • Cut the proteins into small cubes and place the onion on top. brush / cream sauce.
    • Grate the cheese on a medium grater directly into the bowl, covering the sour cream and mayonnaise sauce.
    • The last layer is attached to the similarity Mimosa - it egg yolks. Dill shoot, carved cherry tomatoes meticulously decorate the satellite dish.

    Potato salad with Layered Mimosa, carrots and saury

    In the Soviet residence salad called "Mimosa" won universal recognition of food availability and satiety, he added potatoes and carrots. Traditionally, the saury vessel has been added - a valuable fish rich in minerals and vitamins containing Omega-3. This dietary product nicely balances excess fat, carbohydrates, as part of a salad. Preparing the classic Soviet recipe "Mimosa" is easy and simple. You will need:

    • Medium-sized potatoes - 2-3 pcs.
    • Saira preserved (185 m) - 1 jar.
    • Carrots - 1-2 pieces.
    • Eggs - 4-5 pieces.
    • Onions / green - 2 pieces. or a small bouquet.
    • "Friendship" cheese curd - 3-4 pieces.
    • table mayonnaise - 200-250 g
    • Spices, salt - to taste.

    The main stages of preparation "Mimosa" salad:

    • Cook in boiling water until uncooked boiled potatoes, carrots.
    • Take a plate, cool to room temperature.
    • Remove the skin from the vegetables.
    • Boil eggs for 7-9 minutes. Allow to cool, remove the peel.
    • Put the egg yolks (they will go on the top layer), separate from the protein.
    • Finely chop the onion.
    • Put saury in a bowl, remove the bone carefully and mash with a fork. For the fish was juicy, add the liquid contained in a box. Stir until smooth.
    • Rub on a medium sized grater, evenly distributed over the entire surface of the pots. Salt to taste. Then - a layer of mayonnaise.
    • saury put, sprinkled with a thin layer of onions. Again, add the mayonnaise, wiping the back of a spoon.
    • rubbing carrots, covering the surface layer of dense orange dishes and lubricating sauce.
    • Ground squirrels are as follows. Then finely chopped cheese. And again - mayonnaise sauce.
    • For dessert - wonderful, bright sun puree yolks, which covered the air layer dish.

    "Mimosa" recipe with corn and rice crab sticks

    Crab sticks - a favorite treat most children and adults. To make this "Mimosa" salad option, you will need:

    • crab sticks - 200g
    • Crushed rice (pre-cooked) - 100 p.
    • canned corn - 1 jar (180-200 g).
    • Russian cheese or Edam - 150-200,
    • Eggs - 5-6 pieces.
    • Dressing mayonnaise - 200 ml

    Consider the basic processes of creating the salad "Mimosa", which are present in crab and rice recipe sticks:

    • Boil the rice in salted water. Clear varieties Ideal silky texture accentuates the delicate taste of the salad.
    • Drain the water, wash the rice with boiled water. Cool to room temperature.
    • cold boiled eggs, peeled.
    • Put the yolks separately, leaving 2-3 for decorating dishes.
    • Cut into small cubes, into separate sticks for crab containers, protein.
    • coarse grated cheese.
    • Layers can be placed on a plate in the following order:
      • crab sticks
      • proteins
      • yolks - 2–3 pieces.
      • maize
      • grated cheese
      • yolks for decoration.

      Unusual Mimosa recipe with chicken and mushrooms

      Refined taste, spicy mix of products is distinguished salad with smoked chicken and pickled mushrooms. The ingredients for "Mimosa" are:

      • Salted salmon, trout, Chum salmon - 150 g
      • Chicken Eggs - 5 pcs.
      • smoked chicken - 250 g
      • hard cheese - 100 g
      • Marinated mushrooms - 150 g
      • Cucumbers - 1 pc.
      • Mayonnaise - 150 g ..

      Step-by-step instructions with photos to help prepare this delicious dish:

      • Cut narrow, thin strips of chicken and fish into different capacities.
      • Boiled, peeled eggs divided into proteins, egg yolk.
      • Rinse under running water, mushroom.
      • Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes.
      • Crush the cheese using a large grater.
      • You can put layers of products, lubricant mayonnaise sauce:
        • chicken
        • mushrooms
        • Cheese - 1/2 serving
        • over
        • proteins
        • yolks - 1/2 serving
        • cheese
        • yolks for decoration.

        Light salad with Mimosa salmon without potatoes

        A more traditional taste distinguishes "Mimosa" with salted salmon, eggs, cheese. spicy taste will add 2 salted cucumbers, finely chopped into salad. It looks exquisitely dish decorated red floor yolks. Recipe preparation remains the same as in the classic recipe. This salad will decorate the table, it will be an easy, nutritious and tender program.

        Salad Mimoza

        U nedostatku ideje i kako iskoristiti jaja od Uskrsa opredelila sam se za ove mini mimoza salate. Napravila sam 5 komada, svakome po jedna. Jednostavno se slaže & # 8230.preseći kartonsku ili plastičnu malo širu čašu na pola, ili od vrha nekih 7 & # 8211 8 cm. Unutrašnjost namazati uljem i postaviti na tanjir, posle se samo čaša polako podigne, pazite samo da sve bude lepo poslagano, tačnije nabijeno, da bi stajalo. Dobro ohladiti jer će se dodatno povezati.

        • 5 crompira
        • 5 šargarepa
        • 5 kiselih krastavčića
        • 200 gr šunkarice, praške šunke ili nešto slice
        • 5 kuvanih jaja
        • 200 gr tvrdog sira, trapista
        • 400 gr kisele pavlake
        • 400 gr mayonnaise
        • prstohvat ili dva soli i malo bibera

        Skuvati krompir, šargarepu i jaja.

        Ohladiti i sve posebno izrendati. Krompir i šargarepu na krupno renders, a krastavčiće i sir na sitno. Kada budete rendali jaja rendate na sitno rend belanca i pola žumanceta & # 8230.drugu polovinu ostavite za decoraciju salate od gore.

        Umutiti pavlaku mayonnaise, so i bieber.

        Na tacnu ili tanjire, tanjiriće postaviti dekoraciju ukoliko želite tako & # 8230 Koturove od čaša premazati uljem pa postaviti ih na te tanjire ili šta ste već odabrali.

        Na dno staviti krompir, posoliti pa staviti šargarepu, prstima malo utisnuti.

        Premazati smesom sa majonezom, pa staviti jaja, sir, majonez, šunka majonez, krastavci i onda ostatak od krompira, šargarepe, jaja i sira, redosledom koji hoćete, može i da se pomeša.

        Premazati majonezom i na kraju posuti rendanom polovinom žumanceta.

        Tako ostaviti nekoliko sati u frižideru i onda samo polako skinuti čaše povlačeći ih na gore.

        Lako su spale, verovatno jer smo ih premazali uljem, ništa se nije pokvarilo.

        Jako su mi lepe ove mini Mimoze na manjim tanjirima sa zelenom dekoracijom.

        Pripazite samo sa premazom, da ne stavite previše pa počne da curi, po puna kašika je dovoljna, da se lepo razmaže i krompir, kao i jaja upiju.

        Salad & quot; Mimoza & quot

        4 eggs, 3-4 potatoes, 1 canned tuna, 1 small onion or leek, 150 g cheese, 150 g mayonnaise.

        Method of preparation

        Boil potatoes and eggs.

        We cut the leek into small pieces and put it in a bowl with boiling water for 10-15 minutes.

        Boil eggs and boiled potatoes for a while, then peel.

        When all the ingredients are ready, arrange the salad in layers on a serving platter.

        The first layer is potatoes, then a few drops of mayonnaise, finely grated egg white, canned oil drained and crushed with a fork,

        "Mimosa" salad - a combination with a special taste!

        "Mimosa" salad is a very popular Russian snack, which is not missing from any holiday meal. This salad is beautifully arranged in layers, it is very good looking with an amazing taste. The ingredients combine harmoniously and create a delicious and multicolored dish.

        The salad is very easy to prepare, you just have to leave it in the fridge for a few hours before serving, so that the flavors blend. Enjoy this culinary delicacy with pleasure!


        - 250-300 g of canned fish (canned sardines in oil or tuna are used in the original recipe)

        - 3-4 medium-sized carrots

        - 1 bunch of green onions

        - salt and ground black pepper

        Method of preparation

        1. Prepare all the ingredients. Boil the eggs (the eggs must be hard, but at the same time not be cooked for a long time, in order to obtain a dark yellow color for the last layer). Boil the carrots, peel them and let them cool to room temperature. Boil the rice and let it cool to room temperature. Drain the liquid from the fish, remove the bones and grind the fish with a fork. Wash and peel green onions.

        2. Place the rice in a bowl with straight sides or in a shape and distribute it evenly. Spread it on top with mayonnaise.

        3. Place the chopped fish on top and level it evenly. Spread mayonnaise on top.

        4. Cover the fish with a layer of finely chopped green onions, season with ground black pepper and grease with a little mayonnaise.

        5. Peel all the eggs and separate the egg whites from the yolks. To do this you need to make an incision around the egg white. Carefully unwrap the egg in two parts and remove the yolk. Do the same with all the eggs.

        6. Grate a layer of egg whites on top and distribute them evenly, salt and add a little mayonnaise.

        7. Grate the carrots.

        8. Distribute the carrot evenly and press it a little with your hand.

        9. Cover on top with a thin layer of mayonnaise (you can use a fork or spoon).

        10. Grate the yolks in a medium grater (you can grate them on top of the salad or use a separate bowl, which must be dry).

        11. Carefully spread the yolks on top of the salad, so that it does not mix with the mayonnaise. You can level with your hand.

        12. Cover the salad with cling film and refrigerate for a few hours to soak the layers well.

        Peel the potatoes and cook them, let them cool well, clean them and grate them.
        Boil the eggs, clean them, separate the egg whites from the yolk and pass them through a grater.
        Drain the tuna well from the oil, grind and mix with the chopped red onion and a little lemon juice.
        Cheese is also grated.
        After all the ingredients have been prepared, all we have to do is assemble the salad. As I said I chose to mount it in glasses but if you do more then use a cake ring and mount it directly on the plate.

        How to assemble the Mimosa salad

        I don't know if there is a well-established order in which the layers must be mounted, so I chose to place them as I thought.
        The first layer was potatoes, I lightly pressed it and seasoned it with salt, pepper and greased it with a teaspoon of mayonnaise.
        This was followed by a layer of tuna mixed with chopped onion, pepper and mayonnaise.
        We continued with the cheese layer plus mayonnaise, then the carrot layer with salt, pepper and mayonnaise. The last two layers are egg white, salt, pepper, mayonnaise and grated egg yolk.
        Mimosa salad can be decorated only with grated yolk or in combination with greens.
        Let it cool and eat it with great appetite as an appetizer.
        Good appetite!!

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