Dobos sheet cake

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For the countertop: mix the eggs with the hard foam sugar, add the flour mixed with the baking powder and cocoa, and finally add the ground walnuts. We pour this composition in a rectangular tray (24 * 35 cm) and put it in the oven; check with the toothpick when the top is baked. Whoever wants can make this cake in the form of a round cake (d = 26 cm).

For the cream : Rub the 300 g soft butter into the foam and set it aside. On a very low heat, boil: flour mixed with cocoa, milk, 2 lbs of sugar and a cup of ground walnuts. Let cool.

Also on a very low heat, beat the 4 eggs with 8 lg of sugar and let the composition cool.

In the soft butter rubbed the foam we add spoon by spoon from the composition with ground walnuts, then we also incorporate egg foam with spoon by spoon. Pour the roasted and cut walnuts over this cream.

For the dobos sheet: mix the egg whites with hard foam, add the sugar, the yolks one by one, and finally the flour. Put in the oven in the same tray in which I baked the top.

For the chocolate icing: boil the ingredients over low heat, stirring until smooth.

Assembly : countertop - cream - dobos sheet - chocolate icing - white chocolate flakes.

The recipe is worth trying and repeating: D