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Empanadillas with nuts and honey

Empanadillas with nuts and honey

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A simple recipe to make and delicious.

  • 10 circles of thin puff pastry about 10 cm in diameter120 gr ground walnut3-4 tablespoons honey

Servings: 10

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Empanadillas with nuts and honey:

The ground walnut is mixed with honey.

Put about half a teaspoon full of prepared walnuts in half of the puff pastry circles.

Bend and press the edges with a fork.

Fry in oil until golden brown.

Remove on a napkin to drain the oil and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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They can be made in the oven just as well.

Recipe 9 - Honey infused with garlic

  • 250 g of honey
  • 30 g dry white wine
  • 15 g extra virgin olive oil
  • 10 cloves of garlic
  • rosemary
  • black pepper
  • sea ​​salt

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, clean the garlic cloves, mix the olive oil and the wine. Put the garlic cloves on a piece of baking paper in a ceramic bowl. Pour the olive oil mixture and come over them. Sprinkle with sea salt and rosemary and wrap everything in baking paper, then put the dish in the oven and leave it for 15-20 minutes. After the garlic is cooked, grind it with a fork, add the whole mixture to the jar of honey and sprinkle with pepper. The preparation is valid for 2 months!


Bake for 15-20 minutes at 180 ° C, preheated oven.
I served them simple, but Diana says it goes wonderfully with a large cup of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

The recipe also participates in this month's parade of the & # 8222Dulce Romania & # 8221 project.

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How to make these sheets with walnuts and honey for tender cakes & # 8211 old, simple recipe?

How to make dough for sheets with strawberries with honey and walnut?

In the bowl of the food processor I placed the eggs, sugar, salt, nuts and hot honey but not hot (just enough to flow well) and I mixed them for 2 minutes. Finally I added the flour with baking soda and mixed them well. I want to tell you that I made them without baking soda and the sheets were still tender.

A crumbly shell comes out, quite hard to knead & # 8230 but it eventually binds. If you knead by hand, I recommend that you first add only 400 g of flour and only then the remaining 100 g.

Weighed the dough and divided it into 4 equal balls (with the scale!) Which are wrapped in food plastic and left to cool for 20 minutes (especially if it is very hot in the kitchen).

How do you spread the walnut and honey sheets?

I took a ball and covered the others with transparent foil because otherwise it dries and cracks. I spread 4 sheets of 26 & # 21534 cm directly on the baking paper (in the past I spread them on the back of the tray but for at least 30 years we have baking paper so it doesn't make sense). It is a dough that is quite difficult to spread. We will work with flour on the work table.

I took a baking paper and folded the edges exactly to the desired size. This way I am guided by those folds and I know exactly what size the dough should be. I sprinkled flour on the baking paper and spread the dough with the rolling pin. I followed the paper guide. To get straight-edged sheets, I folded the edges of the paper and passed the twister over.

That's how I got straight edges.

IMPORTANT! It was not in vain that I weighed the dough and divided it exactly into 4! We want equal sheets and that means that we use ALL the dough in a ball to spread a sheet & # 8211 means we model it exactly to the dimensions in the recipe! So do not stretch sheets larger than 26 x 34 cm from which to then cut the excess edges! It's stupid because we are left with leftover dough and the sheets will NOT be equal in thickness!

How to bake tender leaves with walnuts and honey?

I preheated the oven to 170 C on the function up + down + ventilation (average stage for gas ovens). I placed it in the tray directly with the baking paper. Do not bake on the back of the tray! I bake these sheets with walnuts and honey for 5 minutes (each, one at a time). At the last minute, however, I kept my eyes on the oven so that it wouldn't burn. If you bake 2 trays at a time, the time is extended to 7 minutes.

Honey and nuts have amazing effects on the body, especially if consumed together. When it comes to their health benefits, the two foods are hard to dethrone. Honey and nuts, consumed correctly, become a reliable ally in the fight against debilitation, headaches and gastric ulcer.
Walnut honey is a product rich in vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, biominerals (Zn, Ca, Mg, Fe, K, P, Cu), bioenzymes, antioxidants and essential amino acids .
In combination with honey, nuts vitaminizes and mineralizes the body, helping to strengthen it, helps decreased acidity too large stomach and linen hypertension and can be used as an adjuvant in immune deficiencies, ANAEMIAS, states of weakness caused by fatigue or stress.
Also due to the high zinc content of walnuts this combination is beneficial for memory development, in the treatment fatigue, nervous system disorders and is recommended in cases of delayed growth in children.
Besides the fact that this combination is delicious, studies show that it is also beneficial in treating insomnia. If you can't sleep, consume in the evening a mixture prepared from 5-10 crushed walnuts and 2-3 teaspoons of honey.
As we well know, walnut kernels also contain iodine, a substance that intervenes in many of the body's metabolic processes. But the iodine in the walnut kernel oxidizes very easily. Then bee honey intervenes, which, due to its hygroscopic properties, extracts iodine from the nut and feeds it. thyroid with iodine. From here the iodine reaches the bloodstream where it kills germs penetrated into the body through the mucosa of the nose, throat or digestive tract.

So honey with nuts is a very beneficial mixture for health, easy to digest, with a high content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. It should be noted that although this mixture is nutritionally rich do not gain weight due to the unsaturated fats that even help lowering cholesterol.
Walnut honey recipes
• 800g honey (acacia or whatever you want)
• A lemon
• a bottle of propolis tincture (25ml)
• 400g of ground walnuts
Method of preparation:
Mix all the ingredients well and consume one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.
• 1/2 kg of honey
• 1/2 kg of crushed walnuts
• juice from half a lemon
Method of preparation:
Mix all the ingredients well, then close tightly.

Moldovan martyrs with honey and walnuts

In a large bowl sift 600 g flour then add 200 g sugar, activated yeast, 2 eggs, 80 g melted butter, grated peel of a lemon, grated peel of an orange and a teaspoon of rum essence.

Mix the ingredients with a spoon and then knead by hand for 15 min.

Grease the crust obtained with 2 tablespoons of oil. Carefully peel off the bowl of the bowl so that it is greased on all sides. Cover with foil and leave to rise for 50 minutes.

Remove the foil, remove the dough from the bowl and divide it into 8 equal pieces.

Sprinkle the flour on the worktop. Knead each piece of dough a little to reach a slightly stronger consistency that no longer sticks to your hands.

Form a cane about 30 cm long with your hands.

Firmly join the ends of the stick, forming a circle.

Twist the circle to form an eight. The solder will hide at the bottom of the eight shape.

Do this with each piece of dough.
Transfer the eight-shaped martyrs to a tray lined with baking paper.

Cover with a clean towel and leave to rise for 20 minutes. Grease the martyrs with 2 beaten egg yolks.

Put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
When ready, remove the tray of martyrs and allow to cool.

In a saucepan boil for 5 minutes, 300 ml of water with 130 g sugar, orange peel and a cinnamon stick.

Turn off the heat and add the rum essence. Stir and strain the syrup. Leave it to cool a bit. Strain the syrup into a deep plate.

Pass the martyrs one by one through the syrup.

Then grease with plenty of honey.

Sprinkle with ground walnuts on top.

Brie in puff pastry with nuts and honey. Delicious desert

It's crazy on the plate, this recipe for Brie in puff pastry with nuts and honey! You really lick your fingers with pleasure!

Not once did I say that simple recipes are among the best. For example today, which contains puff pastry, cheese, nuts and honey. Simple and extremely good and with the ingredients we can juggle as you like. Honey and nuts in combination with melted Brie cheese are absolutely great. But it is worth trying several options such as apricot jam / almond flakes, honey / pine seeds, dried apricots or raisins, cranberry jam / pecans, hazelnuts.

Walnut Kernel With Honey

Walnut kernel with honey. All you have to do is mix 100 grams of nuts and honey every 3 ligurites for a month and a half. So the next day we will have a cake that melts in your mouth. Walnut kernel with honey 15 recipes. Walnut kernel with honey vegetables and plants.

The miracle mixture that gets rid of a lot of diseases honey with nuts. The benefits of consuming honey with nuts. This is a complex recipe that strengthens immunity and increases the body's resistance during or after a disease regenerates cells and cleanses the blood. The mixture of honey with walnut kernel treats anemia headaches induces a general state of well combats hypertension and works as a dressing in case of ulcers or gastric disorders.

The combination of nuts and honey cures headaches. Our cake with honey and walnut leaves is ready, we leave it in the fridge for 4 5 hours or overnight. If you have stomach problems, drink 2 to 3 teaspoons of this drink an hour before each meal. With this combination you can even treat hypertension.

To increase the memory capacity and for the learning periods, especially during the exams, 10 15 nuts mixed with 4 tablespoons of polyfloral honey can be consumed daily. It can treat anemia and headaches. Instead of painkillers you can mix a part of nuts with one of honey and take 1 2 tablespoons a day. Valentina ionita specific chef.

For the overworked and weakened, a handful of chopped kernels is mixed with a spoonful of honey and then a glass of fresh fruit juice is drunk. You liked other recipes from the same category. Crostini with gorgonzola walnut and honey fasting cake with honey cake with honey and nuts apple pie and honey honey cake of honey Moldavian martyrs holy Moldavian baclava chocolate cubes. The sheets should absorb the cream and soften.

This mixture has miraculous therapeutic effects. It also works as a bandage for ulcers or gastric disorders. Bee honey with walnut kernels. Ingredients 1 kg of whole nuts 1 kg of honey 500 ml of brown beer.

You will get a kind of milk in which you have to add 2 teaspoons of honey. It induces a general state of well-being and fights hypertension. 0 After you have finished cooking, give yourself a few minutes and arrange your hair like a salon with care products. You need 20 g of crushed walnut kernels that you have to mix with boiled water.

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