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Salmon on a bed of vegetables

Salmon on a bed of vegetables

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I washed the fish in cold water, removed the scales (pffffffffffffff) and seasoned the intestines with everything and portioned it in order to penetrate better. I cleaned the vegetables, cut the carrot and onion into rounds, the sliced ​​peppers, and the garlic crushed a little with the knife blade and placed them in a tray sprinkled with oil. Over this marvel of colors I aligned the pieces of fish, I added the wine, I covered the tray with aluminum foil and I put it in the oven at the right heat (170 degrees), for 50-60 minutes. 10 minutes before time ran out, I removed the foil. I matched him with fluids and he didn't have to turn around or be too supervised.

I served it with bread from Covasna, a wonderful bread with potatoes ... I know those Romanians from Hungary to make bread, take off their hats (incredible, but I thought it didn't work with my weakness, polenta).

It was and still is, DELICIOUS ... a fish eater calls it.

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